Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Schedule for January 2022

January 15th
Napoleonic Command
During the Napoleonic Wars!
Elliot James
Figures Provided

January 29th (Fifth Saturday)
Regimental Fire and Fury
The Peninsula Campaign
Jeffrey Johnson

Please note the first Saturday in January is the 1st.  The Centurions will not be putting on a game that day.

  • Schedule Subject to Change.
  • All experience levels are welcome to play.
  • No Figures are required to play.
  • Unless notedPlayers are encouraged to bring their own figures.   
  • Setup begins at 10:30 with games nominally slated to begin at 11:30.   Games play concludes at 4:30.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Napoleonic Command - Saturday Sept 18th

Battle of Großbeeren

On Saturday 18 the Centurions game at the Source Comics and Games will be 'Napoleonic Command'
lead by Elliott James.  The game is set in the autumn campaign of 1813 in German with Oudinot making a day trip to Berlin.

Setup begins at 10:30 am with a review of the rules to follow before play starts.
Everyone is welcome to play, no figures or experience is necessary.

Players who signup on the Source Comics and Games web-site will be given priority over those who walk in.   Please remember to park either at the far end of the Source's parking lot or on the street.   

Friday, September 3, 2021

Game Change - Saturday Sept 4th.

Change of Plans for Saturday's game.  Unfortunately Don Glewwe is unable to host his WWI air combat game.   Keeping it with a theme we are going to pivot to Wings of Glory, another WWI air combat game.  

Setup will begin at 10:30 AM and the first game will be there after.  

No Experience or Figures required to play.
Game is limited to 12 players with priority given to players who have signed up on the Source's Web-Site.

Enjoy your Weekend!


Thursday, August 26, 2021

WWI Aircraft Combat - September 4

WWI - Air Combat
September 4, 2021 - 10:30 AM
Source Comics and Games

September, 1916.  In the third month of the seemingly never-ending hell of the Somme battlefield there's a change in the skies as the British fighter squadrons that had succeeded in eliminating the 'Fokker Scourge' come up against the newly-formed German Jastas.  While aces are present (though many won't live to see the end of the year) the sky is getting crowded and the battle in the air is turning into a clash of the many instead of one between individuals.

The game will be set in the skies over Bapaume with both sides vying for control of the airspace so that the vital work of reconnaissance can be done.  Depending on the turnout, each player will command between two and four aircraft.  An AAR of sorts involving some of the combatants can be viewed at  http://brawlfactory.net/2020/12/02/23-november-16/  to get an idea of how the game looks/plays.

Don Glewwe

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Schedule - Late Summer - Early Fall 2021

August 21st
Regimental Fire and Fury in 15mm
American Civil War - 1862 Western Kentucky - Fictional Battle
Odin Brenden

September 4th
World War I Air Combat
Don Glewwe

September 18th
Napoleonic Command
Napoleonic Wars 
Elliot James

October 2nd
Rate of Fire in 15mm
World War II - Eastern Front - Operation Barbarossa 
Jeff Johnson

October 16th
A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away

October 30th
Field of Glory - Renaissance
Thirty Years' War - 10mm

November 6th
The Men Who would be King
French and Indian War - 25mm Skirmish
Jeff Johnson

November 20th
Field of Glory - Renaissance
The Way of the Brush - 15mm Samurai

December 4th
Koenig Krieg - 15mm
Wars of the Jumbled Alliance
Russian vs. Prussian

December 18th
Field of Glory - Ancients
Successors States

  • Schedule Subject to Change.
  • All experience levels are welcome to play.
  • No Figures are required to play.
  • Players are encouraged to bring their own figures.   
  • Setup begins at 10:30 with games nominally slated to begin at 11:30.   Games play concludes at 4:30.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Spring 2020 Schedule

Hey gang,

Time for a new schedule.  We will be playing some classics and some new periods this time.  The schedule is as follows:

Saturday - Mar 7th
WWI Aircraft - Wings of Glory
Something a little light and airy for us.
11am Source Comics and Games

Saturday - Mar 21st
28mm Crusades - Field of Glory
Jeff Johnson will be presenting a new period for us.
11am Source Comics and Games

Saturday - Apr 4th
15mm SYW - Koenig Kreig
The Wars of the Jumbled Alliances.
11am Source Comics and Games

Saturday - Apr 18th
10mm Napoleonics - Et Sans Resultat
The 1812 Campaign in Russia calls to us.
11am Source Comics and Games

As always, all experience levels are welcome and figures will be provided for those who don't bring their own.  The games will be played at the Source Comics and Games and setup will start around 11:00 with the game to follow.  Hope to see you there!

Jim Fitzgerald

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

February 2020 Schedule

Hey gang,

Just to let you know, we will be sticking to the original plan for February 2020.  The schedule right now is as follows:

Saturday - Feb 1st
15mm Samurai - Field of Glory (R)
The Way of the Brush continues.
11am Source Comics and Games

Friday & Saturday - Feb 14th & 15th
Various games all weekend at Con of the North.  We will be putting on 5+ games in the Dealer's Room again this year.
10am Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West

Saturday - Feb 15th
Sci Fi Fighter Combat - Star Wars X-Wing
Not the same old space combat.
11am Source Comics and Games

The games are as listed.  The games at Con of the North will include a 15mm Jacobite '45 game, one or two WAS/SYW games (including Turks,) a 15mm Napoleonic game, and an FoG Ancients game of Romans, Carthaginians, and Syracusians.  The Samurai game and the X-Wing game will be held at the Source.  All of these games welcome players of all experience levels and figures will be provided.  Hope you can make one of these games.

Jim Fitzgerald