Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Schedule for September, 2023

September 2, 2023
The Source Comics and Games
Regimental Fire & Fury
Mexican - American War, circa 1847
James Fitzgerald and Rolf Running

September 16, 2023
The Source Comics and Games
Field of Glory - Ancients 3rd Edition
Era of the Punic Wars / Successors

Koenig Krieg 1st Edition
Wars of the Jumbled Alliances
James Fitzgerald

September 30, 2023
The Source Comics and Games
Rate of Fire
WWII - Operation Barbarossa
Jeffrey Johnson

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Schedule for August 2023

August 5th
A long time ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away
Star Wars - X-Wing
10:30 AM
The Source Comics and Games

August 19th
"Spikey Bits"
I have no Idea what it means either.
(edit)Thirty Years' War - 10mm - Field of Glory Reinassance
10:30 AM
The Source Comics and Games

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Battletech - Saturday July 15th

Setting: Galtor III

Time: late May 3025 (3rd Succession War)

The campaign itself ran from 25 May to 27 Sept.

The game will take place during the early chaos of the Galtor III campaign.  From the back cover of The Galtor Campaign:

The inhabitants of Galtor III, a sleepy little planet on the Davion/Kurita border, had nothing to interest their neighboring superpowers. Nevertheless, the manipulations of Hanse "The Fox" Davion and the bitter rivalry of two Kurita Military District Commanders engulfed Galtor in one of the largest battles in recent memory.

Davion planned to lure a couple Kurita regiments onto Galtor with rumors of a newly discovered Star League storehouse and then ambush the Kurita forces with his own secret reinforcements. Everything went according to plan until five regiments landed and Davion engineers discovered a real Star League installation. Soon Davion units were fighting for their very existence.


(Davion forces) The remnants of the 33rd Avalon Hussars, and McCulloch's Battalion from Alpha Regiment of the 12th Vegan Rangers, have been ordered to fallback to the Middle Way Pass in order to help secure one approach to the real Star League depot.

(Kurita forces) General Yoriyoshi has ordered elements of his 17th Benjamin Regulars to pursue and harrass the 33rd Avalon Hussars as they retreat from the fake Star League depot.  Likewise, General Samsonov has ordered elements from a badly mauled 21st Galedon Regulars battalion to keep pressure on the battalion from the 12th Vegan Rangers that are withdrawing from New Derry towards the Middle Way Pass.  In addition, both Generals realize that securing that pass instead of the Davion forces would go towards ending the campaign with a victory, but are also competing against each other.

Build rules for this game:

If you want to use your own minis for this game, only mechs that are available in 3025.  With a total PV (points value) no higher than 150.  Since this is an introductory game, no special pilot abilities nor special command abilities.  A good resource for both researching mech availability and using its Force Builder, is the Master Unit List site:


Units provided by Terry Ollila


17th Benjamin Regulars.


•Dragon (2), Dragon (4), Catapult-K2 (3), Archer-2K (4) PV: 148


•Wolverine-6K (3), Shadow Hawk-2K (4), Jenner (5), Panther (4), Panther (4), Panther (5)  PV: 150

Lance (from the Regimental Battlegroup)

•Cyclops (2), Orion (4), Lancelot (4), Rifleman (3)  PV: 148

21st Galedon Regulars.


•Warhammer-6K (2), Dragon (3), Dragon (4), Archer-2K (4)  PV: 148


•Phoenix Hawk (3), Centurion (4), Wolverine (4), Spider (4), Jenner (5), Panther (5)  PV: 150


33rd Avalon Hussars


•Victor (2), Griffin (3), Enforcer (3), Valkyrie (3)  PV: 143


•Warhammer (2), Archer (3), Phoenix Hawk (3), Valkyrie (4)  PV: 144


•Marauder-3D (2), Grasshopper (3), Blackjack (3), Valkyrie (4)  PV: 146

12th Vega Rangers


•Marauder (1), Crusader (2), Valkyrie (2), Locust (4)  PV: 148


•Orion (2), Thunderbolt (3), Wolverine (3), Wasp (4)  PV: 148


•Grasshopper (1), Enforcer (3), Phoenix Hawk (2), Stinger (3)  PV: 141

* the number in brackets is the skill level for that mech's pilot.  The lower the number the better the pilot.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Gettysburg Scenario

Buford's Division (Jeff Johnson)
Gamble's Brigade (Jeff Johnson)
Devin's Brigade (Figures provided by Jeff Johnson)

Reynold's Corp (Jim Fitzgerald)
Wadsworth's Division
Meredith's Brigade (Jim Fitzgerald)
Cutler's Brigade (Figures provided by Jim Fitzgerald)

Robinson's Division
Paul's Brigade
Baxter's Brigade

Doubleday's Division
Biddle's Brigade
Stone's Brigade
Stannard's Brigade

Heth's Division
Archer's Brigade
Davis' Brigade
Pettigrew's Brigade
Brockenbrough's Brigade

Rodes' Division
Daniel's Brigade
Dole's Brigade
Iverson's Brigade
O'Neal's Brigade
Ramseur's Brigade

Monday, June 5, 2023

Schedule for July 2023

July 1st
Regimental Fire and Fury
First Day of Gettysburg

July 15th
Alpha Strike

July 29th
World War I - Aircraft
Don Glewwe - Experimental Rules

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Schedule for June 2023

June 3th, 2023
The Source Comics & Games
10:30 AM - Setup
Koenig Krieg 1E
Wars of the Jumbled Alliances

June 17th, 2023
The Source Comics & Games
10:30 AM - Setup
Napoleon's Battles in 10mm
1814 Battle

For the game on June 3rd there will be some changes to the "Wars of the Jumbled Alliances".
After discussions and listening to concerns from several members Jim and I have decided to give this a try. These changes are being made in an attempt to bring our force selections more in line with the historical record for each nation. As players have collected larger collections of figures the games have be come more min/maxed which was not the plan for the Wars of the Jumbled Alliance.

Each player may choose 2 Brigades. One or both of these brigades maybe either cavalry or infantry. For Austrian, Russian and Swedish armies one of these brigades may be a Light brigade*. Out of the total brigades on a side 50% must be Infantry.
A light brigade which was used by the Austrians, Russian and Swedish armies during the Seven Years' War is a organization of both Cavalry and usually Light Infantry. Units in a light brigade are not considering self-ordering. Light Brigades are not considered either cavalry or infantry for force choices.

In addition each player may choose a light unit or units depending on thier brigade selections. If the player has one or more Cavalry Brigades they may choose 1 unit of light cavalry (10 stands) or 2 units of light infantry (6 stands each). If a player has two Infantry Brigades they may also take 2 units of light infantry (6 stands each), including grenzer, jagers, light and volunteers. Players with two brigades of infantry may not choose a light cavalry unit.

For each Infantry Brigade on a side, the side may add 1 Heavy Artillery Figure assigned in a batteries of no more than 3 figures. Each Battery must be assigned to a player with at least one Infantry Brigade. For armies with Horse Batteries or equivalanet. Prussian Army the maximum of one battery with 3 figures may be attached to a Heavy Cavalry Brigade, minimum two cuirassiers regiments. For the Russian one battery of 2 figures may be assigned to each New Cuirassier or Dragoon Cavalry Brigade. Rules for cossack artillery have not been created.

Hussar Regiments with more than 5 squadrons (11 or more stands) must be assigned to a Cavalry Brigade replacing either a Dragoon or Cuirrassier Regiment. Prussian Cavalry brigades may have two Hussar Regiments all other the maximum is one hussar regiment. Maximum of one Brigade may be swaped.

Frei and French Light Battalions may be formed, (3 wide and 2 deep) and recieve a +1 to ther Morale while formed. This does not apply to FreiKorps, Jagers or Grenzers.
Please note British Scots battalions, both High and Lowland, are considered formed infantry in Koenig Krieg even though they are titled and called Light Infantry.

Prussian FreiKorps are not currently represented in our Koenig Krieg games as we do not have a concesus on how these small units should be represented.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Game Cancelled - May 6th

 The Regimental Fire & Fury game scheduled for May 5th has been cancelled.   The staff at the Source Comics and Games determined they needed the sand table for Free Comic Book Day.   For the first time since Free Comic Book Day began in 2002 we will not be playing.