Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seven Years War – Mini Campaign

Under the auspices of I guess I volunteered myself...

For the Seven Years War, 15mm Koenig Krieg (fist Edition) the Centurions have been asked to run a mini campaign or series of battles at the Levee Cafe' this spring. So for those interested please let me know in general terms what you have and correct my list.

The Sarcastic Alliance
British - Jeff "The Earl of Garfield" Knudsen, Jim Kilbane (?)
Hannover - Jim "The Self Elector" Fitzgerald
- Brunswick - Jim "The Self Elector" Fitzgerald
- Hessen-Kassel - Jim "The Self Elector" Fitzgerald
- Schaumberg-Lippe - The Self Elector I think.
Portugal - (Why is it not surprising we don't have any Portuguese)
Prussians - Tom "Freddie the Adequet" Zwirn, Bart "Lt Gen Prince von Kursed" Kersteter, Joe "Gen Did I give him a Nickname yet" Knight

The Thirty Third, and a Third Coalition of Lunacy
Austrians - "Archduck Jack" Anderson, "Archduck Jim" Fitzgerald, "Archduck Elliott" James (What Boring Nicknames)
Bavarians - Elector Noel The First
French - Chris "La' Pasha Beybey" Combs
Hessen Darmsadt -
Naples and Sicily - Joe "Count by Numbers" Zottola
Russia - Tom Zwirn
Sardinia -
Saxony -
Spain -
Sweden - Jeff "Biggie" Johnson
- Hanseatic League - Jeff "Biggie" Johnson (Hey they signed a Treaty with Sweden they just didn't uphold it)
Wurttemberg - Yes we have figures

Holy Roman Empire
Austrian District:
Burgundian District:
Electoral Rhenish District:
Franconian District:
Bavarian District:
Swabian District:
Upper Rhenish District:
Lower Rhenish – Westphalian District:
Upper Saxon District:
Lower Saxon District:
Jim will let me know which districts he has painted or is getting painted.

Did I miss anybody?
Did I mess anyone’s alignment up?
Anyone else have Figures?

Monday, November 23, 2009

December Events List


Here is the Centurion's Gaming Schedule for December, with a heads up for January.

December 5th, Napoleon's Battles: III Edition– The Peninsular Campaign, 15mm Napoleonic rules with Fitz as principal organizer.

December 19th, Koenig Krieg: First Edition – Wars of the Sarcastic Alliance, 15mm Seven Years War with Fitz as principal organizer.

January 2nd, TBD

January 23rd, Carnage and Glory, 15mm Napoleonic Computer Moderated Napoleonic Rules with the St. Paul Irregulars taking the Lead. This game may be at the Levee Café' in Hastings MN. More information on this will be posted soon.

The first three games are at the Source Comics and Games and begin around 11 AM. All experience levels welcome and players are encouraged to bring their own troops to the game. If you have any questions please contact Jim "Claudius" Fitzgerald.

Thanks for a Successful Event at the Levee Café

Everyone I would like to thank everyone for another exciting and successful game that occurred last weekend at the Levee Café in Hastings. At the height of the game we had 20 players pushing more than 3200 figures on just over 150 square feet of table top. We are already planning our next big game.

I need to thank Brian Johnson and the Staff of the Levee Café; as always the food was excellent the staff helpful and the regulars curious about our games. What many people may not realize the Saturday morning breakfast was a "special" for us, as they don't normally serve Saturday morning breakfast.

Joel Gregory, who provided the lion share of the figures and many of the buildings on table, Jim Fitzgerald who provided the Russians and some French, and Keith Dalluhn, who provided his own troops, are just as responsible for making this game happen as I am.

I'm glad to say that from the positive comments we are looking forward to running additional games at the Levee Café and games of Horse Musket and Gun.

See you all next time.

Jeff Johnson.