Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Schedule

Hey gang,

Here it is, we've just run the second game of March and I haven't done anything with the schedule in a while. Time to line up some new games. Here's the offerings so far:

Saturday - Apr 7th
15mm SYW - Koenig Krieg
Wars of the Jumbled Alliances
11am Source Comics and Games

Saturday - Apr 21st
15mm ACW - Regimental Fire & Fury
11am Source Comics and Games

Saturday - May 5th
15mm Ancients - Field of Glory
Early Imperial Romans v. the World
11am Source Comics and Games

Saturday - May 19th
25mm SYW - Rules to be determined
Wars of the Jumbled Alliances on a Grand Scale
11am Source Comics and Games

For our next upcoming game I'll be running another in our series of Wars of the Jumbled Alliances. We have some new players and at least one new state, the Sardinians, that will be making their appearance on the field of battle. After that, Doug Martin will be running another Regimental Fire & Fury game for the second game of April. The first game of RF&F was very entertaining and this next one should be too.

The first game of May will be another Early Imperial Roman game using Osprey's Field of Glory rules and the opponent is yet to be determined. Tom Zwirn and I will be running the Ancients game. The second game of May will be an experimental SYW game in 25s to be run by Jeff Johnson. Jeff's game should be a hoot but it has a limited amount of positions available, 8 player max right now, so be there early for the game. If there is room available we may try to run a 15mm SYW game concurrent with Jeff's.

Just a couple of notes about the games, all experience levels are welcome and all figures are provided, though we welcome people who bring their own figures. These games will also be played at the new Source, so I am not sure what the playing space is going to be like. I know that the venerable sand table will be moved over to the new location soon though.

All these games will be fun and I hope to see you there!