Sunday, April 24, 2011

May Schedule

First, our normal game on the 7th will not be happening at the Source due to their Free Comic Book Day event. Free Comic Book Day happens on the first Saturday in May every year and I forget about it every year. Jeff Johnson wanted to put on a game that day and I have not heard if there will be a different venue for it yet. I will keep you informed.

Second, we will be playing 10mm TYW on the 21st. Due to the amount of troops that are in the works for the game it is impractical to try and run another game using Forlorn Hope at this time. So, given the success of the Field of Glory game on Apr. 18th, I am going to try using the FoG Renaissance rules for the game on the 21st. We had a lot of success with people picking up the rules very quickly for the Roman Civil War game and I am hoping that we will have the same success with the TYW period. Tom and I will be exploring options for the game as the TYW project has an odd basing system that will affect how the game is played.