Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Extra Gaming - December 26th

It’s the day after Christmas; you know you are going to be bored of your relatives and looking for a lot of GAMING EXCITEMENT.

Well look no further….

Saturday December 26th,
10 AM until we can’t take it no more.
The Source Comics and Games

Napoleon’s Battles in 15mm
Wagram (Light!)

In a desperate attempt to avenge his first defeat Napoleon has called up every military asset he could muster and is now ready to throw everything, including the KITCHEN SINK, a few BATHTUBS and if he had them a couple of Hot Water-Heaters at the defending dogs. Those mangy mutts won't know what hit them.

The Archduke Charles knowing that Napoleon and the entirety of the Military Might of France is crossing the river is counting on the Imperial Army, two dozen drunken collegee students on summer break from University of Vienna who think they are going to Key West, a couple of pickle farmers from down the street, and 12 boys from Siiberwald to hold them smelly froggies off. We'll see who lets the dogs out! Where oh Where has that little Archduke John gone?

I must be honest, it won't be completely Wagram, as we would need nearly 250 square feet of table space and we only have 100 square feet, but gosh darn it we will make do. Besides I have a freshily painted Bavarian Corp that needs to see the tabletop for the FIRST TIME, not to mention like 30 Regiments of Austrians that have never been on the tabletop.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seven Years War – Mini Campaign

Under the auspices of I guess I volunteered myself...

For the Seven Years War, 15mm Koenig Krieg (fist Edition) the Centurions have been asked to run a mini campaign or series of battles at the Levee Cafe' this spring. So for those interested please let me know in general terms what you have and correct my list.

The Sarcastic Alliance
British - Jeff "The Earl of Garfield" Knudsen, Jim Kilbane (?)
Hannover - Jim "The Self Elector" Fitzgerald
- Brunswick - Jim "The Self Elector" Fitzgerald
- Hessen-Kassel - Jim "The Self Elector" Fitzgerald
- Schaumberg-Lippe - The Self Elector I think.
Portugal - (Why is it not surprising we don't have any Portuguese)
Prussians - Tom "Freddie the Adequet" Zwirn, Bart "Lt Gen Prince von Kursed" Kersteter, Joe "Gen Did I give him a Nickname yet" Knight

The Thirty Third, and a Third Coalition of Lunacy
Austrians - "Archduck Jack" Anderson, "Archduck Jim" Fitzgerald, "Archduck Elliott" James (What Boring Nicknames)
Bavarians - Elector Noel The First
French - Chris "La' Pasha Beybey" Combs
Hessen Darmsadt -
Naples and Sicily - Joe "Count by Numbers" Zottola
Russia - Tom Zwirn
Sardinia -
Saxony -
Spain -
Sweden - Jeff "Biggie" Johnson
- Hanseatic League - Jeff "Biggie" Johnson (Hey they signed a Treaty with Sweden they just didn't uphold it)
Wurttemberg - Yes we have figures

Holy Roman Empire
Austrian District:
Burgundian District:
Electoral Rhenish District:
Franconian District:
Bavarian District:
Swabian District:
Upper Rhenish District:
Lower Rhenish – Westphalian District:
Upper Saxon District:
Lower Saxon District:
Jim will let me know which districts he has painted or is getting painted.

Did I miss anybody?
Did I mess anyone’s alignment up?
Anyone else have Figures?

Monday, November 23, 2009

December Events List


Here is the Centurion's Gaming Schedule for December, with a heads up for January.

December 5th, Napoleon's Battles: III Edition– The Peninsular Campaign, 15mm Napoleonic rules with Fitz as principal organizer.

December 19th, Koenig Krieg: First Edition – Wars of the Sarcastic Alliance, 15mm Seven Years War with Fitz as principal organizer.

January 2nd, TBD

January 23rd, Carnage and Glory, 15mm Napoleonic Computer Moderated Napoleonic Rules with the St. Paul Irregulars taking the Lead. This game may be at the Levee Café' in Hastings MN. More information on this will be posted soon.

The first three games are at the Source Comics and Games and begin around 11 AM. All experience levels welcome and players are encouraged to bring their own troops to the game. If you have any questions please contact Jim "Claudius" Fitzgerald.

Thanks for a Successful Event at the Levee Café

Everyone I would like to thank everyone for another exciting and successful game that occurred last weekend at the Levee Café in Hastings. At the height of the game we had 20 players pushing more than 3200 figures on just over 150 square feet of table top. We are already planning our next big game.

I need to thank Brian Johnson and the Staff of the Levee Café; as always the food was excellent the staff helpful and the regulars curious about our games. What many people may not realize the Saturday morning breakfast was a "special" for us, as they don't normally serve Saturday morning breakfast.

Joel Gregory, who provided the lion share of the figures and many of the buildings on table, Jim Fitzgerald who provided the Russians and some French, and Keith Dalluhn, who provided his own troops, are just as responsible for making this game happen as I am.

I'm glad to say that from the positive comments we are looking forward to running additional games at the Levee Café and games of Horse Musket and Gun.

See you all next time.

Jeff Johnson.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Upcoming Schedule - Late August thru October

Hey guys,

Here’s the Centurion’s upcoming schedule for the remainder of August through October:

Aug. 15th 25mm Napoleonics using Horse, Musket, and Gun. Set in the 1809 Campaign, this game will be presented by Jeff Johnson.

Sept. 5th 10mm Napoleonics using Napoleonic Command. Set in the War of Liberation—1813-14, this game will be presented by Elliott James.

Sept. 13th 10mm Napoleonics using Napoleonic Command. This game is being presented by MISFITS and Elliott James.

Sept. 19th This is a bye week right now as the Source will be hosting a world-wide D&D extravaganza. We are looking at other locations.

Oct. 3rd 25mm ACW. This game was requested by Joel Gregory and details are still being worked out.

Oct. 17th 15mm SYW using Koenig Krieg. Another round of the Wars of the Jumbled Alliances. Will the French take the field? Will the Turks burn another church? And were the heck is that pesky Blau Kurfurst? Find the answers on the 17th.

As always all of these games will be put on at the Source and will begin around 11:00 am. All experience levels welcome and you are encouraged to bring your own troops to the games. If you have any questions or comments please contact me.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 1st Game Review

Hey gang, you should've been there. Nine players showed up for the game of which seven brought their own figures. We picked up a new player, Doug, and look forward to seeing him again at the next game. Now if we can just get Jeff J. to finish up those pesky Bavarians for Noel...

The game was an Austrian v Prussian smash with each side having some allies. The Austrians had some infantry from northern Germany (read Hanoverians and Hessians,) while the Prussians had some help from the Neapolitans and, later on, Turks. Due to the enhanced qualities of Prussian infantry, the Prussians had the onus of attacking even though their army was slightly smaller.

Each player had two brigades under their command, either all infantry or all cavalry. At the start of the game there was one less Prussian player so I gave the Prussians one extra infantry brigade and the Neapolitans decided that they wanted a mixed command of one infantry and one cavalry brigade. When the Turks arrived they also got a mixed command. The Austrian side kept with the homogenous starting brigades (either all infantry or all cavalry.) Both sides were given two regiments of hussars and two battalions of light infantry.

The Prussians deployed all of their infantry on their right and all of their cavalry on the left, with the Neapolitans in the middle. The Prussians anchored their lines between two towns which would both protect their flanks and inhibit their mobility. The Prussians also decided early to use their hussars as a battlefield cavalry and not as a string. They also initially forgot that they had a couple of battalions of Freikorps which they eventually threw into the town on their right.

The Austrians deployed a little more traditionally with two brigades of cavalry on each wing and their infantry in the center. Both flanks were screened by hussars and the light infantry was posted in woods on either extreme end of their line.

The Prussian plan was simple, their victory condition was to clear a path through the Austrian army so that they could exit the board and they decided to weight their right with excellent infantry to punch through the Austrian center. The problem was that the Prussians had lined their infantry up facing the Austrian left flank cavalry which had been posted in front of a woods. Unfortunately, this is where the battle started to unravel for the Prussians.

The Prussian infantry and artillery on the right punished the covering hussar regiment in front of them and the Austrians took 60% casualties in the first turn of fire. The hussars made their morale and stood an extra turn. It took an extra round of fire the next turn to remove the hussars and, of course, this delayed the Prussian advance. The heavier Austrian cavalry behind the hussars got two turns without being fired on, which would prove critical a couple of turns later when they finally were unleashed on the Prussian infantry. The Prussians advanced two more turns at the cavalry before the Austrians turned on their tormentors and, in a haze of slashing swords and charging horses, got their two lead brigades cut to pieces, with four of the eight battalions destroyed and another routed at a cost of two and a half regiments of cavalry for the Austrians.

On the Prussian left terrain and deployment cooperated to deny the Prussian cavalry from deploying more than two cavalry regiments out in a line at a time. The same was not true of the Austrians, who managed to get their lead brigade of cavalry deployed in line with the hussars forming on the right of the brigade. The first Prussian line was made up of their hussars. The Prussian heavy cavalry brigades deployed side-by-side each other behind the hussars, each with one regiment behind the other. Both sides charged furiously forward, the Prussians to gain room to deploy out and the Austrians to keep them from doing so. The melees lined up so that the Austrians were able to focus two regiments (a dragoon and a hussar) on one of the hussars and one (cuirassiers) on the other. The first Prussian line (hussars) did not fair well against the Austrians, both regiments routed. The second line (a dragoon and a cuirassier regiment) didn't fair any better during the Austrian breakthrough. A charge by the third line saw a similar result to the first two, but the Austrians--due to exhaustion and a destructive fire from a paniced Neapolitan infantry brigade-- were finally brought to a halt. As the smoke cleared the badly mixed up Prussian cavalry discovered that there was one more brigade of Imperial cavalry which was fresh and champing at the bit to get at the Prussians waiting for them.

In the center the Neapolitans had been ordered to advance towards the hill that marked the center of the Austrian position. On top the hill was a brigade of Hanoverian brigade with a Hessian brigade to its left and two Austrian brigades to its right. The Neapolitans came forward with their infantry forward and their cavalry to the right rear (just in case...) Bravely they advanced up the hill though, with the momentary collapse of their left flank, the advance stopped well short of musket range and the Neapolitans with their four battalion guns got the worst of the Hanoverians and Hessian with their eight battalion guns and four 12 lbr.s.

At turn 5 we called the game. When we called it the Prussians had lost 1/3 of their infantry, 1/3 of their cavalry, and four guns. All of the Neapolitan infantry was in rout, though their cavalry was still fresh. On the Austrian side the losses were 60% of their cavalry and a battalion of Hanoverian infantry routed. It was hard to see how the Prussians were going to be able to push against all of that Imperial infantry and we called the game in favor of the Austrians.

And what of the Turks you ask... There were three roads that they could have come in on and we diced for their entry. They ended up coming in on the town that was covering the Prussian left flank and, though they had cavalry, they marched on with their infantry first for the town. By the end of the game the town was full of Sekhans who were watching the battle from the safety of the town and saying to themselves, "No way am I coming out for this one..." Why they turned right for the town rather than left for the open fields beyond and behind the Austrian right flank is anyone's guess, however, the redoubtable Pasha Bey-bey was overhead commenting, "Look, what a lovely church. Hehehehehe....."


Saturday - Oct 17th - 15mm SYW

I've had a request to move the Koenig Kreig games off of the 1st weekend of the month, so in October we'll be playing Koenig Kreig on the 3rd weekend of the month. As always, the game will be on Oct. 17th and will be presented at the Source. All experience levels are welcome and you are encouraged to bring your own troops (but if you don't have any, some will be provided.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday - August 9th

Posted for Elliot

Some of you may know that I have been appointed as one of the gaming coordinator of MISFITs (the local SF club) - that means subversion of SF/Steampunk/Warhammer/RPG's to historical gaming or an extra date for the Centurions depending on how you look at things.

This will become a regular fixture on the gaming calendar.

My first meeting will be on Sunday August 9th at the Source. I will be there at 12 noon to set up with the game starting at 1pm.

Rules: Napoleonic Command
Scale 10mm
Scenario driven game - either 1809 or maybe 1813 if I can finish my Russians ('m 1 reg and 3 batteries short of a division).

If you can support it would be great

Let me know if you can make this one.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday - August 1st

On Saturday August 1st we will return to the wars of the Jumbled Alliances, umm the Seven Years War, using 2nd Edition Koenig Krieg in 15mm. Where the National Alliances may not be historic but the Army Organizations are.

Everyone is welcome to come on down and play; as usual no figures or experience are necessary to play.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday - August 15th

For Fitz’s Annual Birthday Celebration Game on Saturday August 15nd the Centurions will be hosting a 25mm Napoleonic Game at the Source Comics and Games using “Horse, Musket and Gun” a rule set I am currently developing for the period.

Setup for the games starts around 10:30 with the game starting at noon, I will be going through I will be running a rules explanation at approximately 11:30 am.

As usual No Experience or Figures are required to play. I do ask that if you are planning on attending AND can bring figures drop me an e-mail so I can adjust the scenario as necessary.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Schedule

July 18th – 25mm English Civil War – Fitz
Aug 1st – 15mm Seven Years War - Fitz
Aug 15th – 25mm Napoleonic – Fitz’s Birthday Celebration - Jeff J.
Sep 5th – 10mm Napoleonic - Elliot
Sep 19th – No Game - World D&D Day at the Source Comics and Games
Oct 3rd – TBD
Oct 17th – TBD

On September 19th the Source is World Wide headquarters for World D&D Day and game space will be unavailable for that Saturday.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures of the Koenig Krig Game at the Levee Cafe'

Jeff Knudson posted some pictures of the Koenig Krieg Game at the Levee Cafe'.
If you are a memeber of the Minnesota Miniature Gamers Yahoo Group.

BJ Kersteter posted his After Action Report on his Gaming Blog, The Great Redoubt.

More to follow I am sure.

Jeff Johnson

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 6th Follow-up

I would like to thank everyone (Fitz, Bj, Joe, Joe, Jack, The Other Jeff, and Chris) who attended yesterday's Koenig Krieg game set during the "Seven Years War" yesterday at the Levee Cafe'. I left with a feeling that everyone who attended had a good time and is looking forward to next oversized game.

I would like to thank Elliot who allowed us to use his Figures even though he was unable to attend due to another commitment.

There were a number of ideas and possibilites presented through out the day about what we should do for our next game. I am interested in hearing in what everyone is interested in playing, what you can provide for the game you are intersted in, and what weekends in either September or October would work for you. I will be following up in the next few days.

Jeff Johnson

PS For those in attendance King Charles XII of Sweden was killed by a projectile, either a musket ball or grapeshot, from a Norweigian postion during the Siege of Fredriksten, 11 December 1718.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday - June 6th

This upcoming Saturday the Centurions will be hosting a 15mm Seven Years War gaming using Koenig Krieg at the Levee Café in Hastings Minnesota. We will not be using the new edition of the rules as they aren't readily available yet.

We will be setting up Friday Evening and Saturday Morning, with the games to start at 11 AM Saturday Morning.

Our current intention is to have players command two infantry Brigades, one Cavalry Brigade and a two units of Light Troops. However we will be making some adjustments once the exact number of players is determined Saturday Morning.

The game will be divided into three (or more) table tops representing the left wing, center and right wing of a typical Seven Years War battle. Each table top will be a separate game interconnected by the use of reserves.

We will be making a couple of minor rules adjustments for our game. The most notable will be brigades in line (three units or more in a fairly straight line) will be considered in command even though the end unit(s) will be out of command range. This is being done to represent the multiple lines of battle used in the period of brigades rather than the stacking of units two or more deep (too Napoleonic).

As usual we are paying for the space be eating off the menu. We as a group have committed to $300, so if you can please stop down and have a meal and a few drinks during the day.

In addition to the game we will be discussing the upcoming Centurions Gaming Schedule for the summer and into the fall.

Upcoming Games
June 20th - 10mm Napoleonic Command – Elliot
July 4th – No Game
July 18th – 25mm English Civil War – Fitz
Aug 1st – TBD
Aug 15th – 25mm Napoleonic – Fitz’s Birthday Celebration
Sep 5th – TBD
Sep 19th – 15mm World War II Spearhead- 65th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden Special – Jeff J
Oct 3rd – TBD
Oct 17th – TBD

Fall Recon – Date and Game TBD
Fall Centurions Levee Café Game – Date and Game TBD
Sep 25-27 - Gamer's Reunion, Rochester MN
Oct 23-25th - Rockcon, Rockford IL
Feb 5-7th 2010 - Con of the North, St. Paul MN

Schedule is subject to change.

Jeff Johnson

June 6th Game at the Levee Cafe

Hey gang, come on down to the Levee Cafe in Hastings for our next outing. Jeff Johnson has cooked up a monster Koenig Krieg game that'll be fun for all.

The forces of the Sarcastic Alliance, supported by the troops of Freddie the Adequate, will be taking the field to defend the rights and dignities of the potentates of the Reich from the depredations of the Empire. The forces of the Self-Elector and von Knight will be taking the field against the dread Feldmarshal Erzherzog Johann and General Johnson of the Swedish Crown.

It is rumored that Don Giuseppe, il Duce di Vermiccelli, will be marching north from Neapolis and that the French forces are even now marshalling under the Marechal le Comte du Lac d'Ours Blanc. And of course all eyes turn south to see if the mighty Pasha Beybey will be on the march.

Come on by the Levee Cafe on Saturday and join us in the festivities. There will be plenty of commands for everyone who wants to play and you can always bring your own forces, we'll make them fit into the scenario. Setup will start at 10:00 and we will go until we drop.

See you there!

May 16th Follow Up

I realize that this is a little late, but I have been suffering through computer issues and have not had a chance to post anything about the game on May 16th.

First, I would like to sincerely thank Elliott for taking the time and effort to set up such an interesting scenario. He put a lot of effort into the figures and terrain and, as a result, put on a beautiful scenario for which my pictures do no justice. To be sure it was a challenging scenario and I, for one, look forward to another replay so that I can try it from the Austrian side.

Second, I want to thank all of the players who attended. We had a good turnout of six players for the scenario and could have handled a couple more. I'd also like to mention that the Source employees were helpful and attentative to our needs.

Elliott has offered to run another scenario on June 20th. Stop by and play, it'll be a good time!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday - July 18th


Fitz has volunteered to run a 25mm English Civil War game using Forlorn Hope on Saturday July 18th.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday - June 20th

Hi gang,

I've volunteered to run the game on June 20th.

Rules - Napoleonic Command
Scale 10mm

I'm not sure if it will be 1809, or 1813. If I'm really evil, or there is demand for the option, it will be Austrians versus Neapolitans in 1815.

Posted on Behalf of Elliott.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 16th - Post by the Minnesota Gamer

The Minnesota Gamer, a blog about gaming in general, published a post about Saturday May 16th's 10mm Napoleonic Command game run by Elliot James at the Source Comics and Games.

Check it out here.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday - May 15th's Game

Hey gang,

Just a reminder, Elliott James has graciously volunteered to run a 10mm Napoleonics game using Napoleonic Command this Saturday at the Source. Setup will start around 10:00 and the game will follow. As always figures will be provided and all experience levels are welcome. Hope to see you there.

Saturday - June 6th

I would like to remind everyone that the Centurions' Game on Saturday June 6th will be at the Levee Cafe' in Hastings for a over-sized "Koenig Krieg" battle fought on several fronts, I mean tables.

Breakfast and Setup will begin at 9AM with the game to hopefully start at 11AM.
Our goal for this game is to have each player push approximately Two brigades of infantry, One Brigade of horse and a couple of light units, plus associated Artillery units.
Please let me know if you are planning on attending so that I can plan out the scenario accordingly.

Jeff Johnson

Friday, May 1, 2009

An Introduction

The Centurions are a loosely confederated group of miniature war gamers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area who run a variety of miniature games throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

While we are organization has no official organization we selected Jim Fitzgerald as Claudius for life or our dedicated point of contact for many of our events.

Members of the Centurions volunteer to put on and run miniature games. Typically the games put on by the Centurions are historical in nature occasionally a Sci Fi or Fantasy games also make the rotation. The only requirements to put on a game is to provide enough figures for six to ten players and for the you to know the rules fairly well. If you are interested in running a game please contact our Claudius, Jim Fitzgerald for more information.

On the First and Third Saturday of each month the Centurions generally run an open game at the Source Comics and Games in Falcon Heights. These games are open to all players and no experience or figures are required to play. Stop on by and see what we are up to.
Recently the Centurions have run a series of larger games at the Levee Café’ in Hastings, MN approximately two or three times a year. Those of us that make up the Centurions attempt to run a game or two at the MMGA ReCon which occurs about once a quarter in Coon Rapids, MN, and at Con of the North an annual Gaming Convention in St. Paul generally held in Late February or Early March.