Thursday, September 8, 2011

Con of the North - SYWCON - BAR

Greetings Everyone,

Just want to touch on a couple of quick subjects.

Con of the North
We are putting together a list of events for the Con of the North (Feb 17-19) and want to make sure everyone is on board with the schedule.

Friday Feb 17 – 2 PM to 8 PM – 25mm Brother against Brother – The Road to First Bull Run
Friday Feb 17 – 8 PM to 2 AM – 15mm Koenig Krieg – The Battle of Warburg
Saturday Feb 18 – 10 AM to 6 PM - 15mm Napoleon’s Battles – The Battle of Borodino
Saturday Feb 18 – 6 PM to 2 AM – 15mm Koenig Krieg – The War of Jumbled Alliances
Sunday Feb 19 – 10 AM to 6 PM – 25mm Napoleonics

All games will be hosted by the Centurions and sponsored by the Source Comics and Games. We are working with the staff at Con of the North to make sure we have the necessary space to run these games.

The Battle of Warburg is an event several people are planning to put on at the SYW convention and this will be the final full blown play test.

I will be getting a hotel room; those interested in getting a room as well will be well advised to make reservations early as the hotel has a tendency to fill up.

Friday 1400-2000
The Road to First Bull Run
Brother against Brother
Six Players
The American Civil War was in its infancy and popular view was one quick battle and the war would be over still held sway in both the North and the South. In preparation for the Federal Army’s Manassas Campaign Union Forces attempt to take the Potomac Crossing at Seneca Fall held by Roberdea Wheat’s 1st Louisiana Special Battalion on July 14th 1861.
Special – This game should complete around 1700 with cleanup taking about an hour. Setup of the Battle of Warburg will begin shortly after a quick break for Supper.

Friday 2000 - 0200
Battle of Warburg
Koenig Krieg – 2nd Edition
Twelve Players
The Seven Years’ War is beginning to wind down in continental Europe. The French Army under duc de Broglie have gone on the offensive and invaded the British Allies of Hesse. The Grande Armée has connected with the Army of the Lower Rhine and has moved into a favorable position against the Ferdinand’s Hessian Forces. Seeking to push the Hessian duc de Broglie leaves Chevalier de Muy Corps defending Warburg as the Grande Armée pushes further into Hesse. Has Ferdinand found the weak link in the French Position.

Saturday 1000 – 1800
Battle of Borodino
Napoleon’s Battle – 3rd Edition
Twelve Players
Napoleon’s invasion of vast heartland of Russia had seen months of marching and fighting, however the elusive Russian Armies refused to stand and fight a decisive Battle. Less than 100 miles from Moscow Czar Alexander and Field Marshall Prince Kutuzov have decided to make their stand at the sleepy hamlet of Borodino. Napoleon has mustered every soldier in an attempt to shatter the Russian Army.

Saturday 1800 – 0200
Battle of the Jumbled Alliances
Koenig Krieg – 2nd Edition
Twelve Players
Sometime serious wargamers need a break; while the army lists and makeup are historic players will randomly be assigned. Players are encouraged to bring their own forces and priority will be given to players that do and a number of units will also be available.

Sunday 1000 – 1800
Battle of La Suffel
Horse Musket and Gun
Eight Players
Ten days after the Battle of Waterloo the French V Corps under General Rapp comes under attack from Austrian III Corps near Strasbourg. Join us for a Napoleonic Battle in 25mm as we attempt to discover if the French can hold off the superior numbers of the Austrians.

Seven Years' War Convention
If you don’t already have it in your calendar The Seven Years War Convention is March 30th and 31st, 2012 in South Bend Indiana.

Batailles de l'Ancien Régime
After much gnashing of teeth and discussion we have decided to move forward with a Batailles de l'Ancien Régime (aka BAR) project, focusing on the series of wars which occur between 1737 and 1748. This includes a Russo-Austrian-Turkish War, King George’s War, the War of Jenkin’s Ear, the Silesian Wars amongst many other conflicts between the European Powers.
The project will works towards 1:10 figure to men ratios using 25mm Figures.
I have jumped in front of the bus and will be painting more Austrians, there is a rumor that someone is painting Turks; however Russians (and them bloody Cossacks) will be in short supply.