Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thanks to the St. Paul Irregulars for a Great Game

I would like to thank the St. Paul Irregulars for putting on Saturday's Carnage and Glory 15mm Napoleonic Game at the Levee Cafe. It was a beautifully presented game that was well designed and run.

I wish I personally could have stayed until the end to relish the massive Prussian Victory that was coming; however with a new puppy in the house I had to leave at 5PM just as the Prussian Hammer started forward. So I will need to allow my Prussian allies provide a great AAR so that I may Marvel at its brilliance.

Thanks once again.
Jeff Johnson

Monday, January 18, 2010

January 23rd - Levee Cafe' Game - Carnage and Glory

1813 Game

A Prusso – Russian Army is advancing from the South towards Saxony. Elements of the Army of Germany will attempt to stop them.

This is a game from our 1813 Russia Rising campaign game where there was no invasion of Russia – The Prussians, showing their normal political savvy, have joined them. Austria is still not sure what to do – their normal plan :_)

We will play Carnage and Glory, a computer Moderated game which allows the player to concentrate on the actions of their troops, not the rules system. It is a tactical system where unit formation is important.

The computer tracks fatigue and ammunition status, casualties and formations. The players issue orders by brigade. ADC’s are used to move orders and to get status reports on units.

Anyone who has played Empire or any other will be very comfortable.

Game starts at 11 AM or so…– A rule demo will be run at 10 AM.