Monday, November 22, 2010

Projects for 2011

A little heads up on the projects that people are discussing, painting figures for, and planning on for 2011.

10mm Forlorn Hope/Other Thirty Years War
Tom Zwirn is the driving force behind this project, and the painting machine is well at work.

25mm Drums of War along the Mohawk [AKA Drums] for the French and Indian War
Over the years I have collected and painted a few figures for this project and finally I have enough figures to get a game started. In conjunction with Brent Olson we will be running a game in January to see what everyone’s level of interest is.

25mm Rank and File American Civil War
As we quickly approach the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War this is another project that I am pushing. Our goal is to start fairly small with players pushing a Brigade of Infantry and associated Artillery and working our ways up into players commanding Multiple Brigades.
We plan on doing a minor game in either February or March and maybe a larger game in July to commemorate the First Battle of Bull Run.

A couple of projects that it wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to get off the ground, but someone needs to take charge and make it happen.

15mm Fields of Glory - Punic Wars.
Fitz has a Carthaginian Army, Joe Knight has a Seleucid Army, I have most of Macedonian Successor Army (actually make up to be determined). The real push would be made if some painted up and pushed a Mid-Republican Roman Army.

Continuing projects and Games
15mm Koenig Krieg 2nd Edition War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War
10mm Napoleonic Command Napoleonic Wars
15mm Napoleon’s Battles Napoleonic Wars
25mm Horse Musket and Gun 1813 Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars
15mm Spearhead World War II

Projects on the periphery that may make a special appearance
25mm Might of Arms First Crusade
25mm Wilderness WarsAmerican War of Independence
15mm Rally Round the Flag / Rifle Wars American Civil War
Mirco Rules to be Determined World War II Pacific Naval
15mm Broadsword World War II Pacific Theater
Micro Modern Spearhead Modern Micro Armor

Of course there are a number of other projects that players have either started painting figures for or talked about that aren’t in playable condition at the moment, so if you are interested in something come on down to one of our game days and talk with us.

Some Planned or tentatively planned events:
The Centurions are looking to partner with SPI [St. Paul Irregulars] at doing a large 15mm KK game day using some sort of Campaign / Multi-Table Battle sometime late winter/spring time frame. If you have any ideas or “the what not” please let me know (The other other Jeff).

As usual a number of Centurions will be attending the Seven Year's War Convention in South Bend Indiana over March 25th and 26th. If you are interested in attending please talk with Claudius, I mean Fitz. Currently we are discussing running the Battle of Grocka between the Austrian Empire and Ottoman Empire in 1739 using 2nd Edition KK.
I am pretty sure there will be a Game of BAR also occurring at the Con.

In May I will running a 25mm Napoleonic Game on some what a large scale, using Horse Musket and Gun. This of course is my Birthday Game.

In July I will be running a 25mm ACW game to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas).

Winter 2010-11 Schedule

4th - 10mm Napoleonics game - Napoleonic Command
Source Comics and Games

18th - No game due to holiday

1st - No game due to holiday

15th - (CHANGE) 15mm SYW game - Koenig Krieg
Source Comics and Games

5th - 15mm SYW game - Koenig Krieg
Source Comics and Games

18th - 19th - Various games
Con of the North