Monday, April 16, 2012

Tentative Summer Schedule

Hey gang,

This is what the summer schedule is shaping up to look like.

June 2nd - 10mm TYW
June 9th - 15mm Napoleonics using Napoleon's Battles
June 16th - 25mm Napoleonics using Horse, Musket, and Gun
July 21st - 15mm Ancients using Field of Glory

These are all tentative dates at this time because I am trying to finalize each of these games with the venue and game organizers. We'll see how this all plays out.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Schedule Redux

Man, I just hate when I do that... Every year the Source has Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday in May and there is never enough room for us to have a game. And, of course, this year is no exception. All of my neferious plans are coming to naught.

I am negotiating with a gaming group in Brookings, SD to come on over and put on a Napoleon's Battles game. They had offered to run Austerlitz in May and I had things lined up but then Free Comic Book Day intervened and we had to postpone. I'm looking to reschedule them for the first weekend in June but I haven't heard back from them yet. I'll keep you posted.

As you may be asking, no, I don't know when I'll reschedule the Roman game for. I'm thinking that we'll run that one on the third weekend in June but I have to talk to Tom about that first. Don't know if this will be another Civil War or what as I have not lined up an opponent for the Romans yet. We'll just have to see.

One other period we haven't done anything with yet is the TYW. Tom has volunteered to run a game at the next ReCon but I don't have any specifics as to the date yet. If nothing else, I will try to get one scheduled for July. Keep watching.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Joel Gregory - Miniature Collection

Many of you know Joel Gregory, he has decided to sell a large number of painted figures from his collection, including 25mm American Civil War and 25mm Napoleonic figures.

Joel's collection for the American Civil War includes a goodly number of figures mounted for Brother Against Brother and a fair number of stands both Union and Confederate that are 1 1/2" square with four figures.

For the Napoleonic period Joel is selling off a large number of Prussian Figures

16 stands of Calpe: 32 figures - $200.
30 stands of Connoisseur & Old Glory: 60 figures: $360.00
37 Mounted Command figures: $200.00

Calpe 57 stands: 228 figures - $684.00
Elite: 32 Stands: 128 figures - $384.00
Old Glory: 44 Stands: 176 figures - $528.00 (Landwehr)

Artillery: 8 Stands: $200.00
He would take $2500.00 for the entire set and would prefer to sell it as one.

Contact Joel Directly at Joel Gregory <> with any questions.
He will be posting the figures on Ebay in the near future.