Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tentative Winter Schedule - Pt. 3

Ok, you win some and you lose some....

We've filled out the rest of the schedule until February.  The good news is that we have games for 11/17 and 1/5.  The bad news as of this posting is that we will lose 12/15 for a Source event.  With that in mind here is our new schedule.

Nov. 17th - 15mm Samurai using FoGR or 15mm SYW (depending.)
Dec. 1st - 15mm Regimental Fire & Fury.
Dec. 8th - ReCon and a monster SYW game using KK. More games to follow.
Dec. 15th - Cancelled.
Jan. 5th - 15mm Ancients using FoG.
Jan. 19th - 15mm Samurai using FoGR.

Elliott has once again offered to put on a 15mm Samurai game on 11/17, however, he was not sure if that would lead to a scheduling conflict.  Just in case, bring your SYW troops (which is a good idea on any game day.)  We'll see what happens.