Saturday, June 30, 2012

Full Summer Game Listing

Hey Gang,

Here's the full listing of upcoming events for this summer to October.

July 7th - 15mm SYW using Koenig Krieg.  The Wars of the Jumbled Alliances continues.
July 21st - 15mm Ancients using Field of Glory (FoG.) We are moving into the Successors period (300BC-100BC.)
Aug 4th - 10mm Napoleonics using Napoleonic Command.  Elliott will be putting on another of his excellent games.
Aug18th - ReCon.  Tom has volunteered to put on a 10mm TYW game using FoG.  I'm sure that there will be more offerings.
Sept 1st - 15mm SYW using Koenig Krieg. The Wars of the Jumbled Alliances continues.
Sept 15th - 15mm Napoleonics using Napoleon's Battles.  Borodino in all of its glory!
Oct 6th - TBD
Oct 20th - 15mm Samurai using FoG.  Elliott will be presenting his other passion, Samurai wars.