Thursday, February 13, 2014

ReCon! - Jun 14, 2014

The next ReCon!, the single day convention sponsored by the MMGA, is scheduled for Saturday June 14, 2014 at the Geek Partnership Society [GPS].  GPS is located in North East Minneapolis at the Waterbury Building, 1121 Jackson St NE, MLPS MN 55413.

The 14th is the second Saturday of June and an "off" weekend for the Centurions Schedule at the Source.

Having already considered running something that weekend I have jumped in front of the ReCon! bus and offered up my Wars of the Jumbo Alliance, 25mm French and Indian Wars/ Seven Years War game using a slightly modified version of Batailles de l'Ancien Régime [BAR] for a game.

The game should comfortably support 6 players and if I can get into my "painting zone" maybe as many as 8 players.  However a number of players also own figures, just saying...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Con of the North Schedule

Hey gang,

Here's the schedule for Con of the North. Con of the North is being held in Plymouth, MN at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West on the weekend of 2/14/2014. The con goes from Friday to Sunday. We have games scheduled on Friday and Saturday in space kindly provided by the Source Comics and Games. The games we will be running are as follows:

Friday -
01:00pm, Set up the table.
02:00pm, 15mm SYW using Koenig Kreig. I will be putting on a Culloden game. 07:00pm, 15mm SYW using KK. I will be putting on an Italian battle set in the 1740s.

Saturday -
09:00am, 15mm Samurai using Field of Glory (Renaissance.) This will be another of our Way of the Brush games.
02:00pm, 15mm AWI using Wilderness Wars. Charlie Bennett and Todd Olson will be putting on the game.
07:00pm, 15mm Napoleonics using Field of Glory (Napoleonics.) Tom Zwirn will be putting on an 1815 Campaign game.

Just a quick note on this year's con. This is a new location and we do not know what the layout will be. We may be in the dealer's room and I have no reliable information about when that room closes and what the availability is for gaming space in other rooms. Right now I expect all five games to pull off, but the night games may be a bit tentative (just so you know.) I hope you can make it for these games, but if you can't and want to play something, we should still have reserved space at the store.