Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring 2011 Schedule

Here is the new Centurion's schedule for the Spring of 2011. The March dates are solid. There has been a change in the April line up as the 10mm TYW armies will not be ready until May.

5th - 15mm Turkenkrieg game - Koenig Krieg

19th - 15mm Sci-Fi game - Future Wars Commander
Source Comics and Games

2nd - 15mm SYW game - Koenig Krieg
Source Comics and Games

16th - 15mm Ancients game - Field of Glory
Source Comics and Games

7th - 25mm Napoleonics Game - Horse Musket and Gun
Jeff's Birthday Bash
Location to be determined

21st - 10mm TYW game - Forlorn Hope
Source Comics and Games

As always all experience levels are welcome and figures will be provided, though players are encouraged to provide their own commands.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Upcoming Outing - February 18th & 19th

The next Centurions outing will occur on the normal weekend but we will be changing the venue at the request of the people at the Source. We were asked if we would mind putting on a couple of games at Con of the North and I told the Source people that I'd put on a couple of games that weekend. I realize that there will be a cost to these games, the entrance fee, but I hope that you will show up for one or both games.

Game #1. I will be putting on a 15mm Napoleonics game using Napoleon's Battles. I'm still working on the sides but the game will begin setup around 3:00 pm and I don't expect it to last more than four hours. All experience levels will be welcome and all figures will be provided.

Game #2. Tom Zwirn and I will be putting on a 15mm Seven Years War game using Koenig Krieg. This will be an Austrian v. Prussian game though you are welcome to show up with whatever troops you have, we'll find room for you. This game will begin setup around 10:00 am will last until we are done.

Hope to see you there. For more information about the con, see their website: