Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Schedule changes for Winter 2017

Of course it didn't last...

Due to poor planning on my part and some wildly optimistic appraisals of what would be done by January we have had to move the schedule around a bit.  First off, the Assyrian-Babylonian game had to be pushed out because of a combination of events that would make it nearly impossible to put on (incl. the 40 Assyrian chariots that were probably not going to be done in time, the Babylonian opponents were also pushed back, and the Medes necessary to make it a game were unavailable.)  That game has moved to the last game in March.

So that means that we have to move some games around.  First, the new 2nd game in January will be another favorite, Samurai.  That game is moving from February.  To replace the Samurai game we will be throwing on another 15mm TWI game on the 1st weekend in February.  Both will be good times.

Finally, we will be putting on our traditional demo games at Con of the North again this year.  These games will include 15mm Koenig Kreig, 15mm Samurai, 15mm Napoleon's Battles, and 15mm Wilderness Wars.  That weekend will also see a requested 15mm Napoleon's Battles game at the Source run by Jeff Johnson.

The next three months will be busy busy for us.  Hope you can make it down for some of the games.


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